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In the last post we introduced a great new product that is creating a new trend by defining the 
future of the construction industry, this material is Neolith a high tech porcelain slab that 
combines functionality and beauty. Neolith is the natural choice because it emerged from the
evolution of treatment processes of construction materials, it combines the finest raw materials
with the most advanced industrial technology. Neolith is friendly to the environment because 
it is 100% eco-friendly, using naturals materials and technologies that respect the environment.
Neolith collection is in harmony with nature because it obtains its colors from 100% natural
pigments that withstand the passage of time.
Neolith is also 100% recyclable because it is entirely made up of natural clays, feldspar, silica
and mineral oxides. 
Below are a more detail explanation of the technical features and the environmental certificates
that Neolith has earned:
For more information on Neolith  contact Davinci Stone Works @ 718.210.1775 or
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